A few weeks ago I was asked to help my grandson Nicky’s sixth grade class prepare a piece of art for the annual school fundraising auction.  I was only too happy to do so.  They had been studying the Grand Canyon and so we decided to focus on images of said canyon.  Since we had 28 children we decided to do a triptych.  The photo we used was cut into 30 squares, then each was enlarged to 6″ x 6″ on the computer.  Using these rather blurry enlargements, each child painted a replica onto 6″ x 6″ canvas paper.  The pieces were assembled in order on 3 stretched canvases each 12″ x 30″.  The final effect was similar to the Lincoln piece Salvador Dali did in the 1970s.  Viewing it from a distance is essential to see the canyon.  In the meantime, the colors and shapes make a striking abstract closer in.

The auction was last night and we were in attendance.  The winner of the piece was my husband Bill!  What a guy!  He has always been an avid supporter of the arts.  And, this time the money went to help our grandsons’ school.  We have a great new work of art on our mantel.